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Essential Features


Everything is workflow. Leave coordination, in-processing, document routing… all basic workflow. Model your unit’s unique workflow and put your admin tasks on rails.


You unit doesn’t need a complex GOTS solution to manage its training. You need something simple, flexible, and intuitive. Build your syllabi, program your training, and gain insight into your requirements.


The Virtual Out-processing Checklist is probably the most efficient part of out-processing your base. Bring that sort of efficiency down to the individual unit and simplify your personnel’s task management.

Form Processing

How many times have you typed your name, rank, and date of birth into a PDF? We can pre-populate most common forms for you and cut your data entry dramatically saving time and improving accuracy across your unit.

Simple Recalls

Manually maintaining recall rosters is time-consuming and prone to error. Rethink the call tree… flatten your recall process and establish postiive contact with all of your personnel in minutes.

Career Planning

For both officers and enlisted there are career milestones to be met. When are IDE nominations due? When is my next EPR due? AFPC tries to help, but what if a computer could keep tabs on all that for you? We can help you with that.

“Beating Heart of the Air Force”

General Goldfien reminds us that the squadron is the fundamental building block of the United States Air Force. Unfortunately, software tools have not been scoped to the squadron level. Our tools aim to dramatically improve the most fundamental day-to-day problems you and your unit face… problems we face ourselves. And we need solutions now.

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Security and Privacy

Information security is our top priority. We know that your PII is important. So to let you know that MySquadron’s security is tight, we have put together a list of some of the security measures and precautions we take.

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For the Individual


Yeah, free. We all need these tools.

  • Additional Features
  • Career tracking
  • CBT currency notification
  • Checkride zone alerts
  • Automated form processing
  • Bullet banks
  • …and 20+ more!

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For the Squadron


per unit member

  • Additional Features
  • Virtual checklists
  • Automated recalls
  • Granular permissions
  • Discussion boards
  • Test administration
  • …and of course more.

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